Thursday, 24 May 2012

5th Choro Meeting of Toulouse

2012年6月14日〜17日、フランス南部のトゥールーズという街で「第5回ショーロミーティング」が開催されます。3日間のワークショップにコンサート、[Rio Loco]というフェスティバルと同時開催です。私、Mauricio Carrilho(violão)、そしてJayme Vignoli(cavaquinho)がリオから参りま〜す。ステキな街ですよ。ワインとチーズとショーロを楽しみにいらっしゃいませんか?


5th Choro Meeting of Toulouse

Thursday 14th June to Sunday 17th June 2012
The project of the fifth edition of Choro Meetings, organized by the Casa de Choro of Toulouse, will be implemented this year in the context of the festival “Rio Loco” in cooperation with the City of Toulouse (“Espace JOB”), the music school “Music' Halle” and the “Escola Portatil de Musica of Rio de Janeiro”.
We'll be glad to welcome you from Thursday 14th June to Sunday 17th June (Registration of musicians from 5pm on Thursday to Sunday evening) in the new locations of “Music' Halle” (former site “JOB”) for a series of workshops, rodas and concerts run by the music teachers of the “Escola Portatil”.
 The festival “Rio Loco”, organized by the City of Toulouse, is annually set on the banks of the Garonne River. The topic of this year's edition, for which Portuguese-speaking artists from all over the world have been invited, is “Lusofonia”, which will offer the Choro Meeting excellent opportunities, in particular the participation in the festival on the banks of the Garonne, “Place de la Daurade”.
 Classes, workshops and rodas will traditionally be open to all musicians and, this year, the professional musicians in charge of groups, which will offer the chance of intensifying the special pedagogical approach to this musical genre with experienced teachers.
 The team of the “Casa de Choro de Toulouse” will particularly try to keep alive the spirit of the meetings that rendered the preceding events so successful, conveying the joy of hospitality and promoting the contact between participants and professional guests. For that purpose we intend to organize shared meals on the spot and to help participants find accommodation at Toulouse. Numerous rodas will enable everyone to participate actively.
O team of Casa de Choro de Toulouse – See you soon and don’t forget your inscription (link) !

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